Artist Marion 'My' Campbell


Although my birth name is Marion, I am knwn as 'My'.


I went to university as a mature middle-age woman,which proved to be an incredible experience. I am married with a very supportive husband & we have 3 adult children.

I attended John Moore's University, Livepool - Gained BA Honours in Fine Art - 1996.

I then continued my studies at Chester College & gained an MA in Fine Art at Liverpool University - 1998.


My post-graduate training has included Masterclasses with Sir Eduardo Paolozzi and Prof. Philip Melton at Edinburgh University.  I have completed workshops with Mo Jupp, John Maltby, Mary Lloyd Jones, Lys Hanson and Margaret Hunter. I have exhibited in various locations around the UK and Europe.


I have been a professional artist for many years. Over time, my abstract work has developed through several different styles & influences. Increasingly my choice has been to use acrylic colour, building many layers more quickly. This gives me the freedom to paint how I feel & the energy that comes from that. Colour is me, love it! 


Wassily Kandinsky

"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul".


Paul Cezanne -

"There is a logic of colours, and it is with this alone, and not with the logic of the brain, that the painter should conform".


Claude Monet -

"Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment".

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